Editing and polish

Video game writing and production 

The best writing in the world won't matter if you don't get the right performances in the recording studio. From casting to directing, I've worked with some of the most talented production and voice talent in the industry. My connections and years of experience ensure that you'll get the right actors to bring your characters to life, and the performances you need to fit the game experience you're going for. 

Got a video game that needs a writer? YOu've come to the right place!

Documentation starts before development, with compelling proposals and concept presentations. It continues through pre-production and production with clear, concise design documents, and finishes with in-game and written instructions that allow your player to get past the mechanics and into the game as quickly as possible. Whatever your documentation needs, I've got it covered.

Polished, professional writing has become an integral part of video games. Whether you need to develop an original story starring your own characters, or you're working with an existing intellectual property with established characters, getting the right tone and voice are crucial. Just as important is the in-game text--menus, item descriptions, inventory, tutorials... everything comes together to create a unified narrative vision. and feel. With over a decade of game writing experience, your narrative content is in good hands.


Already have a first draft? It never hurts to have a second set of eyes to refine and polish your script and text before you get to the recording studio or your game goes gold. I've done editing passes and script polish on a lot of games over the years, including "Americanization" passes on localized games developed by game studios in Europe and Australia. 


Writing Samples

If you'd like to experience the scripts above as they appeared in the final games, check out these cut scene and game play videos from Dead Head Fred and Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard.